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A short break…

I’m currently “in between” books – a nice feeling for a change given that a few months ago I had 3 books going at once and felt like I had zero breathing room.  I’ve got a couple of proposals in the works and I requested a month’s delay with the newest LEGO robotics book which my publisher seems to be okay with… I’m guessing my “feeling burned out” comments finally got through to someone.

I’m still writing day-to-day… mainly at GeekDad.com and Makezine.com, but I’ve also got a few small writing projects in the wings for O’Reilly that will become a couple of eBooks for them.

The Toronto newspaper Globe and Mail had a short bit on me this morning along with two other dads.  They found me through the GeekDad blog that pointed them to my other blogs and projects.  You can read that short interview here.

I’m not wanting to wait too long between book projects so I’m going to finish up a good proposal this weekend and submit on Monday… hoping the publisher will like it… we’ll see.




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