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Too many distractions…

It’s been forever since I updated this blog, but I really really do have some good excuses!

Of course, beside the fact that I have a young baby that’s getting ready to start walking any day now and a 4 year old who seems to require an increasing amount of attention each day, the writing gig has really taken off.  Four or five years ago I wished daily for enough work to call myself a full-time writer… and of course, be careful what you wish for, right?

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve already contracted a number of technology books that puts me at my desired 5 books per year… right now, as of April 29, I’ve already got 4 books contracted and either started or finished, a 5th getting ready to be signed… and a 6th that one publisher is already driving me crazy to get a proposal sent in so they can sign it.  It’s nice to be in demand!  But wait… there’s more!

I’ve been invited to be a contributor over at geekdad.com – this is one of my favorite blogs that I visit daily, and they’ve got over 1.5 million hits per month … so the exposure this blog could possibly provide is HUGE.  It’s open ended – they allow me to write about pretty much whatever I like (that’s both geek and dad-related).

I’ve also got a couple of secret projects going on with Make magazine and its sister-site MakerShed.com – I’ve wanted to write for Make magazine for a long time, and my first article with them last year was for my CNC book.  But now I’ve got a special writing project I’m finishing up for them that will likely turn into a recurring project.  That’s one project… the other should be hitting the Makezine.com blog next week, but I can’t talk about it until then… it’s a great opportunity and I’ll try to post more details next week after it’s released.

So… keeping up with this blog is definitely difficult.  I haven’t given up on the fiction writing altogether but it’s definitely taken a backseat for now… at least until I can figure out my work schedule and get a better grasp on it.


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