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Got a wee bit distracted…

Wow… over 2 months since I posted something here.  Terrible.  But I’ve found that my writing tends to bounce from one project to the next, so I can’t really say I’m surprised at my behavior.  But over the last few months, quite a few things have occurred.

1.  Finished the non-fiction book “Teach Yourself Galaxy Tab in 10 Minutes” – each chapter is meant to be read in 10 minutes or less and teach a critical topic related to the subject material.  In this case, it’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet that I purchased for the book… pretty cool device that runs Android.  Had to write it in 30 days but ended up writing it in 14 because the device didn’t get released on time and I didn’t get my hands on it until mid-Nov and book was due Nov 30.  Finished it… but swore to never write another book on such short notice.

2.  Got a bit deeper into the “Build Your Own 3D Printer” book – it’s about 50% complete but got bogged down over the holidays as my co-author got called away on a job assignment and we just took a break… now we’re back in the saddle and I’ll be writing another chapter tomorrow… due date for all draft chapters is Feb 28 so I’ve gotta get moving.

3.  Two contracts are floating out there – one for an undisclosed title (sorry) and another for the new Motorola Xoom tablet… that one’s not scheduled (according to rumor) for release until April 2011 so that book may get a slow start… but the other one I’m expecting a contract for in the next week or two.  And I’ve got another proposal floating out there that may very well get picked up in Feb or March.

4.  Remember back when I was working on two fiction stories – #1 and #2.  I put #1 away and began work on #2?  Well, I got bogged down with story #2 so I switched back to #1 and went through a 2nd draft rewrite… I was happy enough with the draft 2 to send the first 2 chapters to an agent who is looking for YA fiction… my odds are slim, but it’s out there.

5.  I’m working on a LEGO workbook right now… about 60% complete and I’ve been promising myself I’d finish it by end of Jan 2011.  A bit tight but I’m going to try and get it done.

6.  I got contacted by a new publisher the other day (a BIG name in publishing) asking for book ideas… the contact told me he’d definitely like to do a book with me (a LEGO book, but he also said he’s open to other topics).  That makes 4 publishers that I’m now submitting proposals to (and/or writing for)… very happy about that.

7.  I finished up the Make: Electronics blog that I was running where I was documenting the 36 experiments in that book… finished it up and am now doing another one for the “Beginning Arduino” book – hoping to get some good experience with the Arduino and figure out how to do stuff with it.

8.  Received a request from an existing publisher to write a new non-fiction book proposal targeted at kids.  I can’t disclose the topic yet, but it’s very interesting and I’m guessing a contract will get issued on it the moment I send it in… it’s that hot of a topic.  I’m going to hold off on that proposal for a month or so and get a few writing projects off my plate… way too much going on right now to get another book contract at this time.

So… busy busy busy in Q1 2011.  My goal has always been to write 5 to 6 books per year… wrote 4.5 last year (a roll over) and I’ve already got 3 books contracted and another being prepared… for a  total of 4 books in Q1… so things are looking good for hitting my 6 book mark.  Maybe more.


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