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NaNoWriMo and More…

There are weeks when I feel I’ve gotten very little written… and then there are weeks like this one where I feel I need more time to put more words down.  In addition to the paying gigs, I’ve started NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) which is probably not the smartest thing to have done… way too much on my plate right now:

1.  Just finished ch5 for “Build Your Own 3D Printer” – this book is tooling right along and I should have Draft 1 done by late Dec or early January 2011.  The publisher wants the book on the shelves in March or April, so with revisions and PDF reviews, I’ll need to have all that done by Feb 2011.

2.  A new LEGO workbook – maybe 100 or so pages – has just started up – I’m hoping to have it done by late November or early December.

3.  One of my publishers is asking me to start a new LEGO robot book in December – so I’m having to put together all the proposal material right now.  I’m not writing on it (yet), but it’s 99% certain to get contracted, so I’m trying to put as much time into it now to prepare the way…

4.  My contract is in place for “Teach Yourself the Galaxy Tab…” book – 200-250 pages due on or before November 31… only problem is that the Galaxy Tab (an iPad tablet competitor) isn’t out yet… I won’t be able to get my hands on one until Nov 10th.  That gives me 20 days to write a 200+ page book.  Won’t happen, so I’ll likely lose the bonus they’re throwing me if I finish before Nov 30… it’s a nice bonus but I’m not going to kill myself trying to write this thing in 20 days… no way.  It does pay well, however, even without the bonus, so I’m glad to have this contract.

5.  NaNoWriMo – 50,000 words in 30 days.  Crazy.  But the nice thing is it doesn’t have to be polished… so I’m writing it with speed and daring.  If I like the story, I’ll go back and get it cleaned up and presentable.  I’ll have access to a few agents next year and am hoping to pitch them 2 or 3 of the stories I’ve written and see if they like any of them.  One is finished, the other is 50% complete, and this new one?  I’m only 2340 words into the 50,000… but I like the story so I’m hoping to get it done.

6.  I turned in part 3 of the iPad article series to quepublishing.com – they’ve already published parts 1 and 2, and 3 is with the editors.  I probably need to contact them to get the due date for part 4 but I think I’ll let them contact me… I can use the time for my other projects.  Of course, this means they’ll likely hit me for part 4 as a quick turnaround.

So… lots of writing projects.  Fortunately, 3 of them are paying jobs which cover the other time I’m writing on the personal projects.  The workbook could be considered a 4th paying job, but I won’t see any $ for it until it’s done and available for purchase… argh.

Okay, so… Prologue and Chapter 1 completed for NaNoWriMo… Ch5 completed for 3DP book… proposal 75% completed for new LEGO book… and waiting for Galaxy Tab to be released so I can get started on that book.


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