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Wow… I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last blogged an update.  But a lot of stuff has happened, including some paying writing jobs that popped up and have taken much of my time.

Here’s what happening…

I’m currently contracted to write a new book titled “Build Your Own 3D Printer” – it will teach the reader the steps to build their own plastic printing machine like the MakerBot or the RepRap.  It’s taking a LOT of my time, as the book requires the reader to cut plywood and perform some electrical tasks with motors and such… I’m having to build my own in order to photograph it and document all the steps to write the chapters correctly.  This book is really taking the most of my available writing time.

In addition to this book, I’m finishing up Parts 4, 5, and 6 for a series of articles I’m writing for quepublishing.com.  These aren’t as time consuming, but they are each 2000 words or more and require two to three days each to research, test, and write.

Next… a contract is in my hands to write a book on the new Samsung Galaxy Tab – it’s like the iPad but smaller – a 7″ screen.  It’s a neat little device and isn’t out yet… but as soon as I get my hands on one in early November, my publisher wants the book written in 4 weeks.  Yes – 4 weeks.  They’re throwing in a nice bonus if I get it done by then and don’t go over a few days… I’m going to do my best, but given that I don’t actually have the device yet, I’m getting nervous as Nov 1 is fast approaching.

Next… a LEGO workbook has fallen into my lap that I can’t say no to… it’s just too cool of a topic (can’t talk about it right now, sorry).  It’s not going to be a long workbook but I must have it done by early to mid December.  Totally possible, but still… more writing time required.

Next… NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – starts Nov 1.  I’ve been putting it off for years, saying that I would participate.  It’s basically writing a novel of 50,000 words minimum in 30 days.  Can I do it?  Sure.  Can I do it with my current workload?  Not so sure.  But I want to do it!  It’s not that the final product has to be publishable… it just has to be completed.  As it stands right now, I’m registering for it and will try it.  It will require, on average, about 1700 words per day (about 7 page per day for 30 straight days).  I’m going to try… TRY… TRY!  But I refuse to kick myself too hard if I don’t make it.  I’ve just got way too much on my writing plate right now.

As for the two fiction stories I’ve been writing?  On hold… and I hate that.  The second one, my favorite, was really running along well and I have full plans to get it finished, especially given that in May 2011 I’ll have access to a large collection of literary agents (many of whom represent kid fiction) at a local gathering and I’m hoping to have one or two stories to present to them… maybe get representation.

So… crazy last quarter of 2010.  Glad to have the writing work, but just completely overwhelmed when I think about how much writing I have to do between now and Dec 31st… gotta get to work.


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