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Story #2 – Acceptance can be fun…

So, I got a bit backed up this week with a few writing projects that fell in my lap – took my attention away from the fiction stories, but they’re paying jobs, so I don’t feel bad.  My paying writing jobs are building again after a slow period (I’m used to it now) and I’m anticipating being back to a full writing load by the end of the month.  That said, I’m still trying my best to find time to revise Story #1 (for Draft 2) and get Story #2 completed.  Averaging about one chapter per day when I’m writing Story #2, so I’m hoping to have Draft 1 completed by early October.

Story #1 is still moving… nothing new to report.  Revisions aren’t as difficult now because by this point in the story I’d fixed some of the early errors in the plot and the chapters I’m revising now are just fixing dialogue and adding in more scene descriptions in weak areas.

Story #2 is still fun to write… I like the main character – the new kid in school trying to find some friends and just make it through the day/week/month.  He’s got a few new friends, and he’s finally been invited by the local kids to play some reindeer games… I’ve had to add a few chapters to my original outline of 26 chapters so as it stands now, the book is going to be 29 chapters!  And there may be more… what I’m finding is that in each original chapter description, I sometimes put TOO MUCH content into a chapter outline and I’m having to break it up into two chapters.  The story hasn’t really been modified, just the pacing.

Outside of the fiction stories, I’m now working on Article 2 (of a 6 part series) for quepublishing.com.  Got the contract yesterday and it’s due early next week… totally doable.  If I could manage to get a contract each week for 1 tech article, I could certainly fit that into my writing schedule.  Que has talked about it, so I’m brainstorming ideas right now for a tech article series that would be on-going… we’ll see.

My non-fiction tech book has been approved… they’re still haggling over the title, but the editorial board likes the book and wants to get moving on it.  As soon as I get that contract, my writing time will be fairly booked up.  This next tech book is going to be comprehensive… a big book (350+ pages… maybe even 400+ pages).  They’ve given me 5 days to turn in a chapter, but I write faster than that, so I’m still hoping to get the book done early.  That said, they’re also now opening discussions for another LEGO book to start in Q4… oh, hey!  That’s in October!  Uh oh.

It’s nice to be busy again… but I’m already starting to squirm a bit when I look at my To Do list and see all the upcoming assignments.

Anyway, here’s an update on Story #2 – scoreboard and Progress Bar.  Woo Hoo!  Story #2 is MOVING!  Almost 50% done!

Novel #2 – Draft 1
Ch13 – 11 pages – 2863 words
Book – 129 pages – 32765 words


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