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Story #2 – Teenage dating troubles…

Hit just over 1000 words on the iPad article for quepublishing.com, which was great… will finish it up tomorrow with another 2000 words before revisions and sending it in on Friday.  Happy with the opening of the article, but I’m no a journalist, so the voice/style is very familiar… not sure if that’s what Que is looking for or if it will involve heavy editing later… but I’d rather figure this out now before finishing the next 5 articles for them.

I didn’t have time to get to revisions for Story #1, but I did get 2000+ words for the new ch11 for Story #2.  The hero had girl problems… past tense… but ch11 has allowed him to mend that fence. Again… loving this new story and can’t wait to get deeper into the main plot.

Also heard today from my editor that the new non-fiction title is 80% approved, but believe it or not… they’re arguing over the TITLE OF THE BOOK!  I mean, that’s GOOD NEWS for me, because it means they don’t have a problem with the content… but the marketing people are asking me for more title options… they WANT to do the book but can’t figure out how to properly title it… I find it all funny, but I’m also a bit nervous that the book could get shut down simply because they can’t come up with a decent title that satisfies the sales team…

I also have a meeting next week (local) to discuss a writing project for teachers… not sure where this project is heading, but it has a LOT of potential and a huge audience, so I’m willing to listen to what they want and see if it’s something I can actually deliver (write/create)… we’ll see…

Today’s scorecard and Progress Bar:

Novel #2 – Draft 1
Ch12 – 9 pages – 2059 words
Book – 118 pages – 29902 words


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