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Story #2 – all subplots and minor characters now in play

Only had time to work on Story #2 today… no revision work on Story #1.  Today’s ch9 managed to add 2500 words to the story, pushing it to 86 pages and all the major and minor characters are now introduced and the main plot is moving forward… hero has a date, too… which is kinda cool.

I also got the schedule yesterday for the new non-fiction book – 27 chapters, with final delivery date in Feb 2011.  That’s because they’ve given me 5 days per chapter.  Very generous, as I’m usually able to crank out non-fiction chapters in a day or two… so I’ll likely get this book done on or before Christmas 2010… or I hope  to do so.  We’ll see.

Also, Que Publishing, which has contracted me to write those iPad articles, is now discussing book ideas with me.  Very cool.  We’re bouncing back and forth with some book topics… kinda nice to have another possible publisher as this would bring my list to 3 from the current 2 publishers I write for… we’ve got some interesting ideas hashed out that I’ll hopefully be able to write about soon.  Even if we can’t find a book right now, just knowing they’re open to my writing books for them is very cool.

Here’s today’s score card and Progress Bar (singular):

Novel #2 – Draft 1
Ch9 – 10 pages – 2507 words
Book – 86 pages – 22048 words


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