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The new kid takes his lumps…

Today I tackled a few things – I got ch5 written for the new story (#2) – 2600+ words and the hero just had his first real scuffle as the new kid… not a fight as in “fist fight” but a different kind of battle… can’t give it away just yet, but remember the book is sports related, so that might give you a hint.    This chapter was extremely fun to write, because some of the confrontation in it was fast and furious, and I’m hoping to have this kind of chapter pop up every four or five chapters…

I also got ch13 revised for Story #1… that one is rolling right along, and I’m approaching the halfway point in the book which is encouraging.  It’s probably just because of the newness of Story #2, but I’m having to struggle a bit to stay on target with Story #1… I still like Story #1, but it’s like a new toy for a kid… Story #2 just seems more fun… but I’m hoping that’s just in my head.

I got word today that my publisher is okay with the Table of Contents I submitted for the new non-fiction book and that we’re looking at a possible Sept 15 start date… not sure if that’s realistic yet, but I think it’ll work if we can get a contract in place.  That book will likely take me the rest of the year to write, so I’m unsure if I’ll have time (or energy) to get started on another LEGO book this year… maybe, though… my publisher still wants me to do it.

Things are definitely picking up speed…

Here’s today’s scorecard and Progress Bars – check out that big 20% done on story #2… oh, yeah!

Novel #1 – Draft 2 Revisions
Ch13 – 11 pages – 2770 words
Book – 113 pages – 28217 words

Novel #2 – Draft 1
Ch6 – 10 pages – 2577 words
Book – 55 pages – 14002 words


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