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Story #1 vs Story #2 – Let’s Rumble

I managed to get Story #1’s ch11 revised today which pushed Draft 2 over the 30% completion mark.  It’s going a little slower than I expected, but I’m still plodding forward with revisions.  The story isn’t changing as much now that I’m into last 2/3 of the story – as I was writing Draft 1, I’d figured out much more of the details of the story so I’m finding that there’s not a lot of major changes to the story now, just updates/revisions to the dialogue and scene descriptions.  A few cuts here and there to stuff that doesn’t help the plot.

As for Story #2 – I finished writing Chapter 4 today – in the first 3 chapters, the hero (15 years old) has found himself uprooted and moved to a small town… his dad and the current situation the two of them find themselves in has been described and the town setup… chapter 4 starts him at his new school and all the misery that entails… new kid, no friends, etc… the story has elements of that “wants to be accepted” cliche but the backstory and the main plot will differentiate it from similar, tired books (I hope).  Hit the 2000+ word mark on Ch4 and feeling pretty good about the story.  Unlike Story #1, this new story is completely plotted out… every major story twist and turn.  I’m still doing some character development for folks that’ll show up a few chapters from now, but I’ve got the major characters well defined and I know everything that’s going to happen between start and finish… just need to actually WRITE it.

Here’s today’s scorecard and Progress Bars – (interestingly, ch4 ended up with the same wordcount as ch3 for Story #2)

Novel #1 – Draft 2 Revisions

Ch11 – 13 pages – 3112 words

Book – 93 pages – 23118 words

Novel #2 – Draft 1
Ch4 – 9 pages – 2060 words
Book – 35 pages – 8802 words


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