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Getting caught up – Novel 1 and 2

I was out of town all last week and most of the weekend, so not much writing got done… but that just made me more anxious to get back to work when I returned on Monday.  So, yesterday I got situated and cranked out a revision of Story #1 and ch9 was completed.

Today was an even more productive day – I revised ch10 for Novel #1 and I got ch3 written for Novel #2.  It’s a bit funny to try and bounce back and forth between fiction stories, but I think I’m adjusting.  Before I begin, I always go back and re-read the previous chapter that helps me get my character names back in place.  Still… I’ve found myself using my hero’s name from Novel #1 a few times in the Novel #2 draft text…

A few other good things have happened – a publisher I used to tech edit for has expressed interest in my iPad book, but wants to turn it into a series of articles for their website… we talked details yesterday and I like what they’re asking and what they’re offering.  I’ve been given until Friday to provide them a summary of the articles I’m willing to write  – the book was originally 16 chapters but I’m going to cut that down to 6 or 7 articles… 8 max.  They’ll give me 2 weeks for each article to be completed which is more than enough, but they also want to see article #1 before committing to more articles… not a problem.

My current publisher has also pushed forward on the non-LEGO book and is looking for a start date of maybe late August or early September.  I’ve got to look at my calendar as this book is going to be a bit involved and will require more than just writing (that’s all I can say right now -the topic is very hush hush and I’m not allowed to talk about it since it’s a hot topic… once the contract is in place, I think they’ll let me start talking and blogging about it.)

I also met with someone yesterday about creating some new LEGO content for a very specific audience.  More on that later if the project moves forward, but it sounds legit so I’m hoping to get moving on it in the next few weeks.  A bit tired of LEGO writing projects but they do pay the bills and they do pay somewhat well… so we’ll see.

So, things are looking good – I’ve got some personal projects (2 fiction stories) and some non-fiction writing projects that are building steam.  I’m hoping not everything will hit at once, but who knows…

Here’s today’s scorecard and Progress Bar – you’ll notice that I skipped Ch9 for Novel #1… I did that revision yesterday and didn’t get around to posting a blog item on it… so the Bar will jump a bit.  Very happy with the progress of both books.  Crossed the 25% mark for Draft 2 of Novel 1 – woo hoo.

Novel #1 – Draft 2 Revisions
Ch10 – 10 pages – 2488 words
Book – 80 pages – 20006 words

Novel #2 – Draft 1
Ch3 – 8 pages – 2060 words
Book – 26 pages – 6742 words


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