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Draft 2 – Novel #1 and Draft 1 – Novel #2 — something in the water

So, while I’m waiting on word from my editor on which of my 2 non-fiction book proposals to focus on, I’ve decided not to wait around.  I can’t put my finger on what’s changed, but all of a sudden I hate the thought of letting hours pass where I’m not writing.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t do much of it in my twenties or early thirties… but now I’ve actually got the motivation and discipline to put nose to grindstone and crank it out.

Whatever… I’ve now got 2 fiction stories I’m working on.  Novel #1 is in Draft 2 stage and coming along nicely.  I finished revising ch8 today and I’m liking the improvements to the story.  The hero has more of a background and the dialogue and scene descriptions are better written and helping to move the story forward… or at least I think so.

Novel #2 is new… fiction, but not science fiction.  The hero is a fifteen year old boy, moving from a big city to a small town… it’s a bit cliche – new town, new kid, no friends, etc – but it’s the backstory AND the main plot that differ from anything I’ve seen on the shelves and I’m hoping my twist on the standard “sports/jock” story can be pulled off.  I’ve completed the first two chapters (of 25 – I’ve plotted out this story in much more detail than Novel #1 was done and hoping that will help me stay on track and get off on a wild tangent) and it’s pushing 4000 words so far.  Estimated wordcount will be 70,000 for Draft 1… I want the skeleton/frame down first before I go back for Draft 2 and try to increase the pagecount and add in more backstory.

Of course, if I get a non-fiction book contract in place, I may have to change how I work on these two stories… Novel #2 may have to take a backburner position until Novel #1 is finished… or at least fewer chapters written per week.  Right now I’m trying to work on Novel #1 and #2 each day, but that’s subject to change based on my mood and my work load.

Ideally, I’d love to move away from non-fiction and do fiction, but that dream depends on what happens next.  I’ve received some kind words from a few who have seen early draft 1 and some good encouragement from someone who has seen Draft 2 early chapters… but I really have no idea.  Could be drivel just as easily as it could be good… I’m my own worst critic.

Here’s today’s scorecards and Progress Bars (YES – PLURALS!)

Novel #1 – Draft 2 Revisions
Ch8 – 11 pages – 2512 words
Book – 65 pages – 16421 words

Novel #2 – Draft 1
Ch2 – 8 pages – 2029 words
Book – 18 pages – 4682 words


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