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Draft 2 – Restructuring the Story

I got back to the story yesterday – after taking my friend’s suggestions and modifying Chapter 1 (and parts of Chapter 2) I realized the entire book needed a slight restructuring.  At first, I was hoping to get Draft 2 to move faster… get the hero into the main plot quicker.  But that’s almost impossible with the amount of setup that’s required.  Whereas I was hoping to shave 2 or 3 chapters worth of content, I’m finding that it’s really only about 1 chapter that will be shaved.  This means that instead of Chapter 7 (Draft 1) having the hero dropped into the fight, it’s now Chapter 6.  Not much of a change, but I really don’t have a choice.  To keep the chapters at the 8 page length (on average)  and to keep the chapter endings as mini-cliffhangers, I’m forced to keep the story structured almost identically for Draft 2 as it was in Draft 1…

Again, not a big deal… the story has changed some in Draft 2, but the chapter structures really haven’t.  Additional dialogue has been added in key areas, a few minor characters added, and one major character has been better defined and given more of a key role than in Draft 1.  Scene descriptions have been cut where it didn’t forward the story and other descriptions have been increased where I felt the Draft 1 text didn’t do it justice.

What does this mean for wordcount?  My Progress Bar below will decrease just a bit because of a key bit of text that was deleted in Chapters 4 and 5…  but the step back is necessary.  The scorecard and progress bar below are accurate as of today’s revision of Chapter 5.

I’m also developing my two non-fiction book proposals per a request from my publisher.  I’m not sure which book they’ll want me to tackle first – the LEGO book or the non-LEGO book?  Doesn’t matter to me, but I think the LEGO book is more likely.  I’ll probably find something more concrete next week when my editor returns from vacation.

And while I’m at it – I did some thinking for my second young adult fiction book this past weekend.  It’s a return to a storyline that I started early for this blog and then shelved.  It wasn’t as developed as the Draft 1 story I just completed, but it’s fast approaching that point.  I”ve got the opening, the end, and much of the middle plotted… all that’s left is to sit down and either plot the rest of it out with a spreadsheet or with the scene cards I used for my finished story.  I have quite a few friends/acquaintances who are published fiction writers and they’re all telling me not to stop but to start work on Draft 1 of story #2 while I’m doing revisions of Draft 2 on story #1.  Just what I need… more complications with balancing fiction and non-fiction projects… but I’d rather be writing than not… so I’m going to take their advice and start spending a little time this week (and maybe next) plotting out story #2 (which has nothing to do with story #1 – totally different characters other than the story is modern day).

Today’s scorecard and Progress Bar:

Jinx: Trial by Fire
Book 1 of The Prototype War

Draft 2

Chapter 5 Revision – 100%
Chapter Pages: 8
Chapter Wordcount: 2032

Book Pages: 39
Book Wordcount: 10069


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