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Draft 2 – Chapter 2- cuts and more cuts

Started on the revision of Chapter 2 today – it takes a lot of material from Draft 1 chapters 4 and 5… and left a lot behind.  I cut quite a bit of content that didn’t move the story forward OR just felt flat after the few changes I’ve made to the major plot.  For example, in Draft 1 I talked about 3 devices the hero needed to be aware of… I cut that back to one device… the other two were written later in Draft 1 as surprises… so the reader doesn’t need to be aware of them in Chapter 2 either.

I only got about 8 pages written today – just a hair over 2100 words.  I’m hoping to finish up Chapter 2 tomorrow… it will end with the Hero in Locale 1 – a key location to the story – in Draft 1, he didn’t make it to Locale 1 until Chapter 5… so you can see that the story is developing faster in Draft 2… with no real loss of information.  Cutting so much from Draft 1 chapters 1, 2, and 3 really helped get the book moving faster.  At least I hope so.

Here’s today’s scorecard and Progress Bar:

Jinx: Trial by Fire
Book 1 of The Prototype War
Draft 2

Chapter 2 Revision – 40%
Chapter Pages: 8
Chapter Wordcount: 2104

Book Pages: 25
Book Wordcount: 6878


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