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Chapter 1 – Hero almost ready to be dropped into frying pan

I finished the revision of Chapter 1 today – 4774 words and 18 pages.  Combined the best parts of Chapters 1, 2, and 3 and added some original material to smooth out the story and provide better dialogue.  Rather than introduce the main plot point at the end of Chapter 5, I was able to move it all the way into Chapter 1 and provide just a hint of it with more details to follow in Chapter 2.  This allows me to speed up the action of the book and jump in faster to the main storyline.

You can see a picture here of my printed Draft 1 – 270+ pages.  I’m going back and re-reading chapters in small batches of 4 or 5… a big X across text that will be cut… slow stuff that doesn’t really help the story move forward and just feels like filler… I circle stuff that I want to keep – bits of dialogue that I feel give a character more personality or at least help define that personality.  Scene descriptions have been beefed up, too… I’m noticing skimpy description of locales, so I’m paying careful attention at making sure I’ve sufficiently described a location without going into HUGE amounts of detail (such as temperature, direction of wind, that kind of thing – all things I’ve read in other books and not cared on whit about).

I also punched up the ending of Chapter 1, hopefully making the reader want to turn the page and continue with Chapter 2.  Not a cliffhanger ending, but like I said… introducing the main plot point but saying nothing more and leaving it to the reader’s imagination if they don’t turn the page.

Tomorrow – Chapter 2- more details on the major plot point, a few minor characters introduced as well as one of the major scene locations that required me to draw a few sketches so I really understand the layout and can write proper scene descriptions.  My goal by the end of Chapter 2 is to have the hero ready to be dropped into the frying pan… straight into the action.  In Draft 1, this didn’t happen until Chapter 6.  Now it will be Chapter 3.

Today’s scorecard and Progress Bar:

Jinx: Trial by Fire – Book 1 of The Prototype War
Draft 2
Chapter 1 Revision – Completed
Total Pages: 18
Wordcount: 4774


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