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Revisions… fun fun fun

So I got started today on Draft 2 – I took a read of the first 5 chapters.  Two of them were slow and didn’t really keep the pace of the story moving forward, so I took bits and pieces from Chapters 2 and 3 and rewrote Chapter 1… it went from a 5 page chapter to a 20 page chapter which is great… I filled in some dialogue and cut some… filled in some background on the hero, and restructured the opening of the story so it had a higher level of excitement.  It starts fast, with an immediate mystery and bit of danger.  Very happy with the rewrite of Chapter 1… took the best parts of chapters 2 and 3, cut them and edited a bit to fit into Chapter 1.

I don’t plan on doing this with every chapter – some of them are already longer and have enough material to stand alone, but there will be a slight restructuring of the entire plot.  I’ve chosen to simplify some of the more complicated, techy parts… some of the complication I created in Draft 1 simply aren’t needed.  I’ve also got a few minor characters that show up later in the book that will need to be introduced earlier… so I’m on the lookout for good times to introduce them, even if it requires breaking away from a location in the middle of a chapter to jump to another location… I’m fine with that.

I’ve also had to do a few hand sketches of certain locations… this has helped me in the scene descriptions.  Not sure if I’ll include them with the final manuscript, but maybe… I always like to have maps and such in a fiction book to look at so I think I’ve got a few that will be helpful to the reader.

I’ve also chosen to include location and time of day at the beginning of each chapter.  The story takes place over roughly 13 hours… 8:30am to around 10pm or so.  Including the time will help me keep the story moving and keep it organized during the rewrite, but I think it will also help the reader as the story often jumps from scene to scene as I switch from good guys to bad guys.

The tentative title of the book is “Jinx: Trial by Fire – Book 1 of The Prototype War” – of course, the title won’t make sense as I’ve given very little information about the story.  I’ve got a story that spans two more books if the first book ever finds a publisher… Book 1 can stand on its own, so sequels aren’t necessary… but they sure would be fun to write.  After Draft 2 is finished, I may release a bit more information about the story, including the title.

I’m giving myself 30 days to finish Draft 2… but I may have to push that to 60 days if I get a contract on one of the non-fiction tech books I’ve got floating around in draft proposal form.  If one of the two book proposals gets a green light, I’ll have to adjust my writing schedule.  Not a problem… it’ll just extend the Draft 2 rewrite time, but it also means I’ll have a paying book contract to work on… had too much downtime recently and ready to get writing again.


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