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I’ve decided to take a few days off thinking about my young adult fiction book that I just finished writing the draft for… it’s Draft 1… an EARLY draft, and subject to major changes as I get ready to cut, edit, rewrite, add, and modify it so it becomes Draft 2.  Still… I won’t wait too long to get started on that, so most likely I’ll take a first look on Monday and give myself the weekend.

Jumping off of fiction for a bit, I had a nice talk today with one of my non-fiction editors.  As usual, our discussion led to a few ideas, some new and some not, for non-fiction books.  He lit a fire under me, I guess, because I cranked out two rough writeup proposals for two new books – one a LEGO robotics book and the other not (and definitely not ready to talk openly about yet).

The LEGO robotics book – definitely something different than my previous LEGO books.  I kinda like the idea of this one, and, if it gets the green light, I’d like to have it finished by end of year… at least in time for Christmas.  My publisher definitely wants MORE of the LEGO robot books, so I have a feeling this one may get some serious attention… and require some serious development.  The rough draft proposal I sent over is just that… nothing super specific but enough details to get a Yes/No (I hope).  If they say Yes, then I’ll have to really sit down and plan out the full Table of Contents and chapter content in more detail.  I give this book a 70% chance of getting the Yes response at this time.

The other book is much more complicated but also very time sensitive.  A growing interest in this technology has my publisher interested in the topic.  The rough draft proposal is VERY rough… they’ll likely ask for more details which is fine… I give this book a 50% chance of getting a Yes response right now… maybe 60%.

What I’m NOT wanting is to have both books approved at the same time… last year I wrote 3 books at once (King’s Treasure, Build Your Own CNC Machine, and Windows Netbook ) and it just about wiped me out mentally.  It was very confusing trying to deal with 3 editors, 3 copy editors, 3 tech reviewers, and 3 different chapter topics every few days.  Trying to change gears (mentally) is hard when the subjects of the 3 books are so different.  My writing style didn’t really change between books, so I didn’t have to change the voice/style but just flipping back and forth was not fun.  The best scenario I can imagine would be to schedule one book to start after the other is finished… but more likely they’ll just stagger one to start a month or two after the other… that is, if BOTH are approved.  Who knows… they turned down my iPad book proposal which I thought was one of my best proposals ever.  Goes to show that I really don’t know much about how publishers think, I guess…

So, now it’s a waiting game again… answering an occasional email from my publisher about a point or two in a proposal.  Could take a few days… could take weeks.  In the meantime, I’ll continue to crank away on my fiction story and try to get Draft 2 completed so I can share it with a few folks and hopefully get some good feedback.


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