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The End… This Time… Really.

Finished the Epilogue today… 7 pages.  It’s a cliffhanger of sorts, providing for the possibility of further adventures for this hero.

Started the Draft 1 book on March 29… ended on July 7.  Just a hair over 3 months to write 279 pages, 30 chapters.  Must do better in the future, but I’ll take it.  I learned a lot – about plotting, about dialogue, about scene description… and more.

Now it’s on to Draft 2 – rewrites and revisions.  Oh, there’ll be rewrites… lots of rewrites.  As I got towards the middle of the story, I realized there were better ways to set up certain problems… a better way to start the story… and much better ways to handle some of the complications.  I’ll have to remember all this for the next fiction story I attempt (if I attempt!) and remember to spend a little more time in the plotting of the story than I did for this one… I’m not unhappy with the plotting I did, but I think if I had spent a few more days… maybe even a week… I could have done better.  Of course, some of the sub-plots actually developed once the story was being written, so not everything can actually be planned out in advance…

And now I’ve got to take the 30 Word documents, merge them, add in page numbers and print the whole thing.  I think printing will make it easier to take notes than trying to read it on screen and apply notes.  I’m really shooting in the dark here as I’ve never had to go through this kind of revision work on my non-fiction books.  Those are typical revised in ‘real time’ as I have the chapter open and the editor’s notes in the margins (digital notes using the Comments feature)… but I hate the comments feature so I’m going to skip it for this revision and do it manually.  If I find I don’t like doing it this way, then I’ll switch to comments for Draft 3 and future books.

Very happy to say this – Draft 1 is DONE!  Almost 66,000 words… 30 chapters.  Very.  Happy.

Scorecard and Progress Bar below – love that 100%!


Word’s today: 1592
Words total: 65516
Pages written today: 7
Pages total: 279
Chapters completed: ALL


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