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The End… almost

I finished Chapter 29 today – it’s the final chapter in the story, not counting the Epilogue which I need to close up one semi-major plot point that is related to a sequel (if one ever gets written).  All in all, Draft 1 should hit right around 66,000 words, give or take.  Very happy with that, especially for a first draft.  My chapters got more detailed and the dialogue and scene descriptions improved later in the book, so it’s the early chapters that will need the most work… there are some that will definitely be cut as well as I’ve figured out the story a bit better since I began writing it…

Without giving anything away, the young hero is safe and back in friendly territory… seriously.  But he’s now involved in some things that are bigger than he is… so there’s room for more adventures with this character if I’m ever lucky enough to get it published AND have a publisher that wants more story…

Over the long weekend, I also was able to put more thought into the next fiction story… totally different characters and locale, and this is the one I shelved to start the current fiction story… now I think I’ve got enough to return to it and get it written.  BUT only after I get the current story moved from Draft 1 to a final version (whatever it may be – Draft 2?  Draft 4?  Draft 8?)… when that’s finished and ready to send around, then I’ll get started on the next fiction story.

In the meantime, my non-fiction publisher has asked me to get a proposal and TOC prepared for a new technology book that’s semi-related to the book I did last year titled “Build Your Own CNC Machine.”  Sales of that book have been pretty good (based on royalty statement I received last week) so I think they’re pretty serious about doing something similar… we’ll see.

I’m torn between wanting to write fiction and continuing to write non-fiction.  I like doing both, but at this time only non-fiction is bringing in any kind of payment… so it gets the priority time.  That said, until I get a contract for another non-fiction book, I can continue to put my time into fiction and try TRY to get published in that area… there are no guarantees for non-fiction writers who change to fiction… I’ve been told that just being published is a foot in the door, but I’m not sure I believe that… still, I’m hoping to find a willing agent or publisher who will at least give the story a look and tell me if it’s good… or if I should stick to non-fiction.  I’ve developed thick skin since I began writing, and feedback I’ve received from publishers in the past has been good and bad at times… sometimes they can be very critical of a style or direction of a book, and I’m fortunate that I’ve gotten over my fear of a publisher rejecting a proposal or manuscript.

Tomorrow… I’m hoping to tackle that Epilogue and then get all the chapters merged so I can print out a copy and start on Draft 2 revisions and rewrites.

Here’s today’s scorecard and Progress Bar:

Word’s today: 2571
Words total: 63924
Current Chapter: ch29 finished
Pages written today: 12
Pages total: 272
Chapters completed: 29


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