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Bye Bye, Big Bad Guy

I didn’t get any writing done yesterday – just didn’t have the motivation going and didn’t feel all that creative.  Glad I took the break, because I knew that Chapter 28 would be a tough one… over 2700 words and I got the fight between the hero and the Big Bad Guy done.  Major fight… very dark ending.  Maybe too dark.  Will have to think about it.

Now the hero has a few things to handle in the remaining Chapter 29 and the Epilogue will setup a likely next adventure for the hero.  Maybe.  Not sure.

I’m including a screenshot here of the finished chapters… as you can see, I’ve got them as individual Word documents.  After Draft 1 is finished, I’ll merge all these documents into a single one and print out a hard copy for my to go back through and make notes (along with my Fix Sheet) before starting in on Draft 2.  The book’s hit 260 pages right now which is kinda cool… starting out, it was a bit hard to see 6 pages done… then 20… then 40… but getting up into the 200s is very motivational.  Light at the end of the tunnel kinda thing.

I’m going to enjoy the long weekend, plus take Monday off as my 3 year old son will be home that day and I plan on spending it with him rather than working.  So, it looks like Draft 1 will get finished next week… just a hair over 3 months of writing time.  Whether I can get it published or not, I’m pretty happy about just finishing it…

Here’s today’s scorecard and Progress Bar:

Word’s today: 2722
Words total: 61353
Current Chapter: ch28 finished
Pages written today: 11
Pages total: 260
Chapters completed: 28


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