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Let’s take care of that spy first…

I got Chapter 27 finished today, but it wasn’t the ch27 I had originally planned… this was supposed to be the big fight between the hero and the Big Bad Guy, but it just didn’t make sense for this fight to occur before the spy was taken care of… so chapter 27 closes the spy subplot… he/she is cornered and using a hostage situation to try to stay in control… which isn’t going to happen.

So… chapter 28 is going to be the final showdown… and it’s got a great fight ending, too… I came up with the fight’s end a long time back, and I’ve been anxious to write this chapter simply because I love how it ends.  I’m hoping to avoid having it spill over into chapter 29.

Which brings me to the story structure – as far as I can tell, the story will end with Chapter 30… and Ch30 really won’t be that long… kind of an epilogue or wrap-up that doesn’t need to go on and on… so… wordcount.  As it stands, I’m estimating that Chapters 28, 29, and 30 will add about 6000 to 8000 words to the final count… bringing the Draft 1 total to a maximum of 66,000 words, give or take.  It’s almost done, folks.  (Draft 1, that is.)

Some of the authors I know and/or follow are mixed on Draft 2 – some come in shorter, some come in longer… I’m betting on longer for me simply because I know some of the earlier chapters were a bit thin on dialogue and scene description… so I’ll take the 66000 estimate and be happy with it, knowing that I’ll likely push 70000… maybe even 75,000 for Draft 2.

Looking back at the blog, I started this story on March 29, 2010… so just a hair over 3 months to complete it.  Not good… but not bad either.  My first non fiction books used to take me 5 to 6 months to complete and I’m now able to get them hammered out in 3 or 4, draft to final.  So if I do decide to write another YA novel, I’m hoping it’ll get easier and faster… towards the end of the book here, I’ve been nailing one chapter per day (of course, I’m not involved in a non-fiction writing project right now, either) so now I see how some of my writer colleagues are able to crank out a Draft 1 in less than 2 months… that’ll be a future goal, but not for this one.

So… 3 more chapters left.  And here’s today’s scorecard and Progress Bar (with updated wordcount) – that 88% sure does look nice…

Word’s today: 1826
Words total: 58631
Current Chapter: ch27 finished
Pages written today: 9
Pages total: 249
Chapters completed: 27


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