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Bad Guys- 0, Good Guy – 1

I couldn’t quite hit the 3000 word mark today – but chapter 26 reached 2600+ and ended with a nice cliffhanger.  A lot happened here – the hero beat back the bad guys… the spy was revealed (and has managed to provide some mis-information to the hero)… and the Big Bad Guy is back, ready for the final showdown and the end of the story.

Chapter 27 should be fun… battle royale with the BBG.  And there’s still the spy issue that has to be resolved, along with a few items that can provide (maybe) some interesting material for a sequel (or two… or three…) – the character I’ve tried to flesh out is someone I’m hoping to visit again… I guess that’s the hope of any author is to possibly develop a book that could turn into more books… as it stands, this story can end on its own with no further stories to be told… but I’ve dropped enough dialogue here and there to setup a few more adventures.  We’ll see.

Only 4 chapters left… I think.  It’s hard to know how long or how far Chapters 27, 28, and 29 will go… the story could realistically be wrapped up by chapter 30… I’m not really worried about page count as Draft 2 will likely provide more background material and dialogue in key scenes.  I’ve done some digging on a few publishers and found that their Young Adult Fiction books typically fall between 50,000 and 100,000 words… so I’ll be coming in around the mid point with 70,000 or so.  I’m already up to 240 pages, and 300 was another goal… so I’m almost there.

Hard to believe Draft 1 is almost finished… the ending of the story is really writing itself.  This makes sense since I’ve had much more time to mull over the ending of the book as I’ve written the building chapters… the ending is much more nailed down than the opening chapters… both of which will likely get scrapped (ch1 and ch2) so I can jump the story into the main plot faster.

I’ve got some feelers out to some writer friends I have… asking for some help/suggestions on Draft 2 revising/editing.  We’ll see what they can share to help me get Draft 2 cleaned up and ready for some reviewers.

Here’s today’s scorecard and Progress Bar – broke 70%  – Yeehaw.  (And if the word count is adjusted to what I believe it will be, I’m closer to 85-90% completed – will try to adjust the pagecount later in the week.)

Word’s today: 2672
Words total: 56805
Current Chapter: ch26 finished
Pages written today: 11
Pages total: 240
Chapters completed: 26


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