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Backstabbing and Sneakin’ Around…

I finished chapter 25 today… over 2000 words and the hero is now back on friendly ground.  The bad guys, with the help of the actual spy (wrong person incorrectly identified and arrested in an earlier chapter), have managed to launch a surprise attack to cover the Big Bad Guy who is injured, angry, and in a really bad position – kill or be killed kinda thing.  It’s all leading up to a few explosive chapters that reveal the spy and cover the Final Showdown.

Chapter 25 had a few plot points that were incorrectly explained in a much earlier chapter (maybe ch3 or ch4), so I had to add that to my Fix Sheet… nothing major… one is just to mention the name of a minor character early on in the story as his introduction later in the book might be confusing… he was just “technician” in chapter 3 or 4, but now he’s got a name because I needed a minor character involved in a bit of dialogue and continually referring to him as “the technician” gets old…

New baby has his days/nights messed up, so he sleeps longer during the day when he should be doing that at night.  It’s not messing (too much) with my writing schedule but I can see a day here or there where I might not get some writing done if he’s awake during my writing hours… I don’t expect my wife (on maternity leave) to always cover during my writing hours, so I’ll have to be a little “bend-y” on this…

Feeling pretty good about the story… definitely managed to squeeze in some nice twists and surprises in the dialogue that I plan on keeping in Draft 2.  Hopefully.  Looking forward to finishing Draft 1 so I can get to work on cleanup and get this thing (hopefully) presentable and in the hands of a few test readers for feedback.  I can definitely tell that the last half of the book has been much easier to write… so I’m thinking Draft 2 will have a LOT of heavy rewrites in the first half… who knows…

Today’s scorecard and Progress Bar:

Word’s today: 2149
Words total: 54133
Current Chapter: ch25 finished
Pages written today: 10
Pages total: 229
Chapters completed: 25


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