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Hit and Run

Chapter 23 is finished – only got 900 words out today, but there wasn’t anything else to tell for this chapter.  The hero is on the run again, heading for home… hurt.  (But so is the Big Bad Guy).  The next 7 or 8 chapters will build to the final showdown of the story.

This kid is fun to write… he’s got a bit of an attitude, so knowing his chance to escape had arrived, he did what most kids would do – he took a final parting shot before running.  The Big Bad Guy didn’t expect it, which makes it slightly humorous but also adds to the growing hate between these two.

Chapter 24 will be another setup chapter – but this one will have 3 or 4 action scene changes as the minor characters, both good and bad, get into position and a few key motives are explained to answer almost (not all) of the reader’s questions.  A lot of things to resolve in 8 chapters, but I think I’ve outlined the story well enough that I won’t go over… I will allow myself 1 or 2 extra chapters if I feel something needs an entire chapter rather than a breakaway-and-return plot point.

I also did something I shouldn’t have… I went back and re-read the first 5 chapters… horrible.  Shouldn’t have done that.  So many mistakes, wimpy dialogue, incomplete scene descriptions… makes me wish I was done with Draft 1 so I could get to work on Draft 2 and fix all these things.  Nose to the grindstone… 8 chapters or so left.

Today’s scorecard and Progress Bar – argh… only a 1% increase.  A bit depressing… but more motivation to hit 2000-3000 tomorrow.

Word’s today: 906
Words total: 48908
Current Chapter: ch23 finished
Pages written today: 4
Pages total: 206
Chapters completed: 23


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