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My latest tech book is out….

I got my author copies of NXT-G Programming Guide 2nd Edition today… the book looks good.  I managed to add over 100 new pages to the 1st Edition and fix some errors… hopefully the book will do as well as the 1st edition.  As it stands, this was my last tech book to write… I have no current non-fiction writing projects, but I do have a few that are in the early stages.  Still no word on the iPad book proposal… a bit torn on how I feel there… I want to write the book but I’m also enjoying some down time while I work on the fiction story.  I could probably inquire… but not today.

Brought Sawyer home today… glad to have my wife and newborn son home.  I’m hoping to take advantage of her being home for 3 months maternity leave and get some writing done… and hopefully Draft 2 of the fiction book.  After Draft 2 is done, I’ll float it out there to a few friends/family for feedback and incorporate that into Draft 3… but once Draft 2 is done, I plan on picking right back up on the next story… no big break.

One of my publishers is starting to push for another LEGO robotics books… I still have more that I want to do on  that subject, but I’m so burned out on LEGO robotics right now… over 5 or 6 books in less than 3 years and I’m feeling a bit stretched for ideas.  Got a few good ones, but not the mental energy or interest to dig deep and develop a proposal right now.

Last year I teamed up with a friend, Patrick, to write Build Your Own CNC Machine… apparently it’s doing fairly well.  Apress has expressed interest in another similar book and we’ve got one in mind that we’re hoping to pitch a proposal to in the next few weeks or month… if that gets the green light, I’ll have another device to build and test and document… but it should be fun.

As predicted, I don’t have much time today to sit down and get started on chapter 23… so I’m going to do some thinking and mull over some dialogue and action scenes that I want to throw into the mix… I’m sure by Monday I’ll be anxious to get writing… I’d go now, but I’d have to call a hard stop in 1 hour and would prefer to have 3 or 4 good straight hours of writing for ch23… so… until Monday… have a good weekend, all.


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