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Let’s get ready to RUMMMBLLLLEEEE….

Well, I finished ch22 today and hit just over 2000 words… the hero managed to escape the main group of baddies but now he’s going to have to fight the Big Bad Guy.  Well, one of them.  Heh.

Today’s chapter took place in an airplane graveyard… a great place to stage a few fight scenes.  Lots of places to hide, blow up, shoot up, and in general cause mayhem.  I’ll have to make a note in my Fix Sheet to return to this chapter and provide some additional explosions from the baddies who might have… oh, I don’t know… shoulder mounted rockets… maybe calling in artillery coordinates?  I don’t know… I’ll ponder it, but I can guarantee I’ll need to fill this chapter out a bit more with some additional fighting and explosions.

Chapter 23 is an important chapter… my wife and new baby are coming home from the hospital tomorrow, so I’ll likely be unable to tackle it tomorrow.  But that’s okay – I need some time to mull over the middle and end of this chapter… I already know how it begins as Ch22 ended with a nice cliffhanger.

The book is winding down… I’m fairly certain that Draft 1 will end with 31 chapters, but Draft 2 could end up with more or less… just don’t know.  I do know that I’m likely to cut the first chapter… maybe even the 2nd chapter… and get the story faster into the major plot and action.  And that’ll involve a serious rewrite.  But first I need to finish Draft 1… 9 more chapters to go!  9!  Less than 10!  Unbelievable.

For those keeping score, here’s today’s stats and Progress Bar.  Just a quick note – the 80000 word count is a best guess, and it’s possible with the final chapter (31) that I may or may not hit that mark.  But as it stands, with 9 chapters left and about 34,000 words, each chapter will need to average about 3500 words which is very unlikely… may have to adjust the final wordcount for the Progress Bar once I hit Chapter 27 or 28.

Word’s today: 2059
Words total: 46579
Current Chapter: ch22 finished
Pages written today: 9
Pages total: 196
Chapters completed: 22


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