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Argh… almost 3000 words today… ALMOST!  I’m not really that upset, but I did set a goal of 3000+ words today but the story wrapped up at 2924.  Oh, well. Still… Chapter 21 starts a 3 chapter arc that’s going to be fairly involved… a lot of fighting and action scenes to describe.  One leads into another, so Chapter 21 managed to find our hero trapped inside a decommissioned B-52 (at an airplane graveyard – fun place to visit) and surrounded on three sides by baddies… what about the fourth side?  That’s for Chapter 22…

I also encountered a major plot point today that got changed slightly back in an earlier chapter.  It’s so weird to write a chapter with a major item changed (for example, in Chapter 2 you call a major character Tom but in Chapter 22 you decide to change the gender and call her Betty – that kind of change).  I know that I’ll go back and fix this plot point but just knowing it’s there bugs me a bit… continuity is very difficult in Draft 1, and other writers I’ve spoken to tell me it happens all the time, so I’m not worried that it’s my lack of planning… but it’s still a bit of an annoyance in the back of my head.

Last night I also had a great story pop in my head… well, the start of one.  I had to run down to my laptop and type up four paragraphs that covered the major plot before I went to bed and forgot it.  I’ll just add that to the 3 or 4 other stories that I’ve developed over the last year or two… not sure which one I’ll tackle after I finish this one and submit it to some agents or publishers… but I do not plan to stop writing.  I’ll do what other writers tell me – move on to the next story and try to forget about the one that’s floating out there.  This new one isn’t science fiction, but is more Goonies mixed with Die Hard… weird combo, but I loved the idea enough to write it down so it must be something important to my subconscious.

Anyway… here’s today’s scorecard and Progress Meter… definitely moving past the 50% mark with a bullet… 60%, here I come…

Word’s today: 2924
Words total: 44520
Current Chapter: ch21 finished
Pages written today: 12
Pages total: 187
Chapters completed: 21


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