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What was that noise? I think I’ll go upstairs and take a look…

For chapter 19 today, I’ve placed the hero and a very dangerous location.  He knows the chances of the bad guys finding and attacking are high, but he’s got no where else to go.  He knows it… they know it… so it’s all leading up to another very bad situation.  But for whom? It’s like in the movies where someone hears a noise and goes to investigate… WHY?  Because if they ran away, the movie would be boring… easy enough.  So, up the stairs we go…

The hero is angry… a  lot has happened and he knows he’s going to have to fight.  And he’s not dreading it, either.  That’s not good for the baddies.  I’m trying to put down some writing that reflects that idea of a cornered animal being very dangerous…

Couldn’t quite hit the 2000+ word mark today… ran out of story for the chapter and didn’t want to pad it with junk… the chapter has done its job and setup properly for a big showdown in Chapter 21.  Why not Chapter 20?  That’s another setup chapter as well, but told from the bad guys point of view.  I don’t like it, and want to jump straight to the action, but there’s a little bit of info that the reader needs before the next Big Boom.  So, Chapter 20 is a necessary evil…

On another note, unless she goes into labor early, my wife is scheduled to deliver Baby Boy # 2 on Monday morning… so it’s very possible…  No, 100% probable… that I’ll get no writing done on Monday… maybe even Tuesday.  I’m torn because I don’t want to stop writing as I’ve developed a decent habit of putting words down every day now… but I’ve also got a little boy on the way and don’t want to miss a thing… so the book is likely going to get set aside for a few days (unless I find that there’s plenty of downtime with wife and baby napping…).  Either way, I’m hoping to return to the story and Chapter 20 sometime next week.

Today’s scorecard and Progress Meter – That 50% completed is an awesome feeling.

Word’s today: 1891
Words total: 40069
Current Chapter: ch19 finished
Pages written today: 9
Pages total: 169
Chapters completed: 19


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