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Chess Pieces

Chapter 18 was an unusual chapter today – over 2000 words, but the hero never made an appearance.  Instead, I needed to use today’s chapter to allow the two parties (good guys/bad guys) and their respective minor players to put some actions into play that will setup the next major plotline (five or six chapters)  before the finale comes around (two or three chapters).

No explosions, no bullets… but some more fleshing out of the baddies, especially the BIG BAD GUY.  There’s a few plot twists that will come around later, so I needed to get him ready and in place.  This is like in the movies where the bad guy explains himself and tells what he’s going to do – but this BIG BAD GUY doesn’t explain what he’s going to do… there’s some misdirection here that I’ve been unable to find a good location to setup… until now.  After yesterdays BIG BOOM, this was the perfect time for a less hectic chapter… but Chapter 19 will ramp up again, especially now that the hero is not only angry but also growing confident in his ability to cause some damage.

Today’s scorecard and Progress Meter…

Almost… there… almost… 50… percent… can… almost… reach it…

Word’s today: 2139
Words total: 38178
Current Chapter: ch18 finished
Pages written today: 9
Pages total: 160
Chapters completed: 18


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