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This is Ground Control to Major Tom…

So the good guys lost communication with the hero back in Chapter 14.  It was a necessary plot point to increase the suspicion of a spy in their midst and it worked.  Chapter 15 has convinced two major characters that they’ve got a real problem out in the field AND at home.  I’ve always read that conflict is what drives stories, and this one’s not holding back… no explosions this chapter – Note to self:  Make sure to throw in two explosions for Chapter 16.

I also realize that I’m giving away a bit of the plot here… sorry about that.  If I don’t occasionally drop something, my posts will be a lot of “And the hero did something, and then the bad guys did this really awful thing…”  – not fun to write or read.  At some point I realize I’ll probably have to stop offering details about the story, but that’ll likely be more towards the last 1/3 of the book.  Just a warning…

I’m still trying to aim for that 2000 word mark (it’s about 8 pages).  Somewhere along the line I got away from the “5 pages per day” and switched to words.  I didn’t mean to do that, so I’ll likely switch back and forth between 8 pages a day and 2000 words.  Depending on the day, some days it’s easier to say “I’m going to crank out 8 pages today”… others “I’m going to try and crank out 2000 words today” – six of one, half a dozen of another, I know… but some days 8 pages just sounds like a WHOLE LOTTA WRITIN’… 2000 words doesn’t sound as bad.  Not sure why…

No word on the iPad proposal… I’m probably going to stop updates about it until it either gets accepted or I shelve it… either way, I’ll share its fate.

Feel very good about today’s writing – got 7 full pages – over 1700 words!  I ran out of story for Chapter 15 so I don’t feel too bad.  Anyway, here’s today’s scorecard and New-and-Improved STATUS BAR!

WOO HOO!  Almost 40% completed!

Word’s today: 1788
Words total: 31575
Current Chapter: ch15 finished
Pages written today: 7
Pages total: 133
Chapters completed: 15


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