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Writer and Swashbuckler-for-Hire

Who parked that helicopter there?

Everyone loves explosions, especially kids… so I’m trying to average one explosion at least every other chapter.  Chapter 14 succeeded… beyond expectations, really… when our hero decided to point a speeding vehicle at an enemy’s landing helicopter.  It was cool… Big explosion, pilot got out and is okay, but that bird ain’t gonna fly again, if you know what I mean.

Still, little stunts like this aren’t exactly helping our hero stay out of sight… this one is going to bring some unwanted attention and, of course, put him in harm’s way again… and again… and again… you get the picture.

Got over 1500 words down today and managed to get ch14 closed.  It’s a non-stop chapter with no breaks in the action, so it was a little draining on brain… I want to get ch15 started tomorrow, so I’m hoping to mull over the next part of the story tonight and have a nice bit of detail to fill in on the next part of the chase.

No word yet on the iPad proposal with the current publisher… I’d like to hear something back by tomorrow or Monday… we’ll see.  Still, I’ve got 2 more proposals sitting in my head for new non-fiction books – one’s LEGO robots related and the other not so much… but my wife’s due date is close… VERY close… June 14th or sooner… so I’m anticpating some down time once the little munchkin arrives.  Still, I don’t want to get out of the habit of daily writing… so I’m hoping to squeeze it in, even if it doesn’t hit the magic number.

I’m loving my new scorecard with New-and-Improved PROGRESS METER!  For some reason, that little red line and percentage number is very motivational…

Word’s today: 1537
Words total: 29787
Current Chapter: ch14 finished
Pages written today: 6
Pages total: 126
Chapters completed: 14


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