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A good news/bad news kind of day…

First, the bad news – after spending large portions of the holiday weekend working on revamping the iPad proposal for my editor, I found out today that they’ve decided not to contract it.  I’m not bummed… just a bit ticked at the time I spent updating and upgrading it over the last month.  I’ve never had to put this much into a proposal to get a Yes/No answer, so that makes it even more aggravating.  It’s not my editor’s fault… the higher ups just decided to pass on it.  The good news is that the proposal is very good and I can simply send it around to some other publishers.  I did that today… maybe this new publisher will like it… maybe not.  If not, I’ll send it out again.  I’m willing to check out 3 or 4 publishers before shelving the idea.  I think it has merit and hope I can find someone to give it a chance…

More good news, though – I managed to get over 1200 words on paper today for the YA story.  Chapter 14 is about 50% done and I know where the next part of the story will go… just gotta get it written down.  Given that I have some spare time on my hands now that the iPad proposal is being shipped around, I’m going to try and up my writing a bit each day… ideally, I’d like to increase my writing to 2000 words per day… almost double what I’m used to doing.  The reason is simple… I’d like to finish the story sooner than later.  Writing at 1000 words (on average) per day means an 80000 word story will take about 3 months… if I can increase that to 2000 words per day, I cut my Draft 1 time down to about 40 days (or less).  I’ll try it this week and see what I can get done.

Next Monday will be a wash, though… I’ll be assisting the LEGO Education rep for this region at a training class for teachers.  We’ll be covering NXT-G programming and since I just completed a new book on it, this will be a good chance to talk about it as well as help some teachers in the area get trained on the language.  Still, no writing on Monday means I’ll have to try and make up for that on the weekend(s).

The story is developing, though… the hero has just been cut off from homebase/good guys and can’t reach them… and a very large and ominous helicopter is approaching, loaded with missiles and 50-caliber guns… not looking good.  He’s just dodged a few bad guys on the ground and managed to escape, but escaping a chopper is going to be a bit more difficult.  Remember, this is scifi… AND… I haven’t told you everything about the hero – maybe he’s a large robot!  He’s not… but you get the picture.  There’s some things going on in the story that I just can’t give away… yet.

Anyway, feeling pretty good about the work today, even with the bummer news about the iPad book.  Maybe this is my sign that I need to switch from non-fiction to fiction?  No… that sign will be if I can get this book written and sold.  Otherwise, non-fiction is where I’ll be.

Scorecard, with New-and-Improved STATUS BAR!

Word’s today: 1264
Words total: 28250
Current Chapter: ch14 50%
Pages written today: 5
Pages total: 120
Chapters completed: 13


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