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Thar’s a spy ’round here!

I was hoping to finish Chapter 13 today but I think I need a page or two to wrap it up properly to set up the opening scene for Chapter 14.  It’s tricky, so I’m going to ponder on it for a bit…

The hero has just been told that there may be a spy in the organization that he’s helping… it makes sense to him because he’s had one major ambush that was a little too easy to setup.  Now that he knows/suspects someone’s working against him, it’s going to be more difficult making decisions because he doesn’t know who to trust anymore… this plot point helps in many ways, but right now it’s going to help me give the hero more autonomy since he’s less likely to ask or share his thoughts and decisions with the team.

Chapter 14 is going to be another fun one… lots of setup but a major plot twist that’s going to throw Chapter 15 a crazy curve and point the story in a slightly different direction for a bit… gonna be fun to write, too.

Still no word on the iPad proposal… getting a little nervous about it as I thought they’d try to get word to me by today so I’d have time to look over the contract and get it back to them by Friday… that’s how it’s worked in the past.  But I was also told one of the decision makers was out of town on Monday so who knows…

Today’s scorecard:

Word’s today: 1061
Words total: 26207
Current Chapter: ch13 – 90%
Pages written today: 6
Pages total: 112
Chapters completed: 12


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