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A rest for the hero…

I’ll have to go back and do some averaging to see if I’m hitting my 5 pages per day quota… somehow I think I may come in a little short, but maybe not.  What I am finding is that on the days I do write, I typically do nothing less than 4 pages.

Today I got started on Chapter 13 – without giving too much away, it starts with a break in the story and allows our hero to get a short rest… and I mean short… try about 5 minutes.  The scene is about to change, and there’ll be a large burst of action that runs over the next chapter or two.  The action scenes aren’t difficult to write, but the dialogue can be tricky because you can’t give away a lot with talk… you have to show, and in fast scenes like the upcoming ones, there’s not a lot of time to show either.  That’s probably not making sense because I’m not explaining the situation the hero is in… sorry.

I hit 923 words today before reaching the limits of the current scene… the next scene will be much longer, so it was a good place to stop.  I was anticipating a story of around 75,000 words, so today also got me to the unofficial 1/3 completed mark.  Until Draft 1 is done and rewrites begin, I honestly don’t know how many words the story will end up with (or how many chapters) but it’s nice to cross a rather important milestone in the book.  If it took me about 1 month to write the first 1/3, I’m hoping to have Draft 1 completed in the next 2 months… give or take.  With a new baby due in 3 weeks, it’s a bit hard to predict.  If anything, I’m determined to try and maintain a strict writing schedule during the day (even if it’s during the baby’s nap times) and hit my page counts.  It’s all guesses, really…

No word today on the iPad proposal, but it’s only Tuesday… still hoping to hear, yes or no, by Friday.  If yes, the editor has assigned a start date of May 31.  So I’ll have a few days free to prep for the writing (creating my template files, folder structures for documents and figures, etc).  I’m looking forward to this book – more details on its subject matter once I get the contract in place (if the book is given a go ahead).

Today’s scorecard:

Word’s today: 923
Words total: 25146
Current Chapter: ch13 – 50%
Pages written today: 4
Pages total: 106
Chapters completed: 12


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