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What happened to my Friday?

Where did my Friday go?  The day started off great with me getting the news that my iPad proposal is almost ready to be approved… they requested a few more details in the proposal and even suggested some improvements that I absolutely will incorporate and wish I’d thought of!

The downside to this good news was that I had no time today to work on the fiction story.  Argh!  But the non-fiction pays the bills, and since I’m currently in-between books (that’s so funny to say – it’s the equivalent of saying in-between jobs for writers, I guess) I need to do what it takes to get a book project contracted.  So, while I feel a little down that I didn’t get to Chapter 12 today, I know I’ll spend some time this weekend thinking about the story and hopefully get back to it on Monday.  I was worried that a book project might interfere with my fiction story, but I really can’t complain if it happens since the fiction story is untested waters and may not ever see a bookshelf.

I’ve had a few requests about the story I’m writing – specifically, requests for non-spoiler details.  Okay… let me see if I can fill in some blanks.

First, the hero is a 14 year old boy in Southern California.  He’s a troublemaker, for sure.  It’s part action, part science fiction, okay – so you’ll have to just be patient with me in that there are some plot points that I simply cannot talk about… not that I’m worried about my friends stealing my story, but there are trolls out there who are always on the lookout… so let me just say that the hero finds himself whisked away by a secret govt laboratory where his dad is employed – something’s happened to his dad (sorry, can’t spoil that) and this group needs his help.  Why a 14 year old’s help?  His dad did something a while back that absolutely ensures that the hero is the only one who can help… and it will make sense, trust me.  He’s picked up, taken to a secret location, given the basic “save the world” situation (the world’s really not at risk, but you get the picture), and sent out to fix the problem.  Got it?  Keep in mind that it’s got elements of science fiction but it DOES take place in the present… no futuristic cities, flying cars, etc… it’s got some cutting edge stuff (look up Quantum Entanglement if you don’t believe me) as well as some cool military hardware (Reaper drones, anyone?) and some major bad guys.

Okay, hope that helps… I may choose to release some more details later, but for now just know that the hero is being chased… he’s retrieved something and needs to get it back to base… that’s it.

So, cross your fingers for me that the iPad book gets picked up – I’d really like to write it because it’s a fun subject and take on the iPad product that I haven’t seen yet.  And they’re bugging me to start thinking about another LEGO book starting up in July/August… need to get thinking about that…


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