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The chase continues…

I was very anxious to get Chapter 12 started today and was ready to jump straight to it this morning, but a couple of good things happened this morning along with some business items I had to tend to:

1.  I had to finish up the Dedication/AuthorBio/Introduction document for the NXT-G book – done.

2.  I got an  email from an editor asking me for the sample iPad chapter today instead of tomorrow.  That’s a good thing, as I was told in a follow-up phone call that they’re ready to make a decision and I think it’s going to be positive.

3.  I was emailed 6 chapters from a book where the author has basically quit writing.  The editor is looking for two writers to finish the book.  I’m thinking about it – it’s LEGO related but not a subject that I’m 100% familiar with, so not sure yet… will depend on a lot of factors, including who the other author is, chapter split, etc…

So, I got the sample chapter 70% finished because my editor told me that was enough – that alone tells me they’re probably going to green light the book.  I hope.  Now I’m doubting myself…

And the fiction chapter got about 33% into chapter 12… hero got out of the water tower (of course) and one of the key ‘bad guys’ is out of the picture – maybe permanently… not sure.  And the kid also managed to take a shot at the primary bad guy by throwing a rock through his windshield… totally unexpected at the end of today’s writing session but it felt right – this kid is a bit of a trouble-maker and if I were him, I’d totally put a rock into the windshield before taking off again. So, he’s running… and about to find out the lengths that the bad guys will go to get him.  Now I need to figure out the next scene’s details… I know where he starts and ends… gotta figure out what happens in between.  Fun.

Today’s scorecard:

Word’s today: 1008
Words total: 22958
Current Chapter: ch12 – 33%
Pages written today: 4
Pages total: 96
Chapters completed: 11


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