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Busy busy day… all over the place

So I got the last batch of PDF files this morning for the NXT-G book… got them finished up by 11am but then my editor hit me with two documents to fill out – one for the back cover text and the other for the Dedication/Introduction sections… so I got the back cover one done but need to think about the other one overnight…

While I was working on the PDFs I got another email from one of my editors hinting that the sample iPad book chapter might be useful to have before Friday.  Got it – loud and clear.  So for the last hour or so I’ve been writing “Chapter 3” which is supposed to give an overall idea of the language/style and layout of the other chapters that will be in the book.  It’s a total guess… I’ve learned over time that my vision of a book rarely looks like the finished version.  Even with non-fiction, you’re really making it up as you go… yes, I might have a template I’m supposed to follow, but there are always exceptions.

I wanted to take a break and work on my fiction story, but I can’t get my mind focused on it right now… maybe later this afternoon.  But right now I really want to get this sample chapter done because it’s much more likely to turn into a contract and paid work before the fiction story.  That said, I could write this thing and still have the publisher come back with a “not interested” response.

On top of all this, I also got an email from a friend that I’m supposed to provide assistance to in a month at a training class for teachers.  It’s a four hour training session on the NXT-G programming software for the NXT robot kits and I’m supposed to develop four or five programs to demonstrate certain programming techniques… I’ve got just over a month to get them done, but it’s still work on the pile.

So, right now… no scorecard for today.  I haven’t started Chapter 12 yet, but I know how it will start… this new chapter is going to be very fast-paced, so I really need to be focused on it… not feeling that way right now.


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