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A good day for writing…

Feeling a bit guilty about not getting any writing done on the fiction story yesterday seems to have had a good effect on today’s writing – over 1800 words and I got Chapter 11 finished… and it ended with a great cliffhanger that I just love… the hero just jumped into a water tower.  He’s being chased, and while this really isn’t the best idea, it’s his only option.  So he jumped.  Of course, I’ve got an out planned.  But that’s for Chapter 12.

I got some feedback from some readers of my blog (and Facebook where I post a copy of the writing scorecard along with an even more brief summary of the day’s writing)… apparently a few of you actually LIKE the teasers I provide… I would have thought the opposite.  As much as I’d love to tell you more about the story and give you all the details, you’ll just have to stick with me and hope (HOPE!) that I can find a publisher for this thing when all the rewrites and revision work is done.  And if I can’t find a publisher… who knows… I’ll probably release it here for anyone who wants to read it.  But I’m hoping I can get it published to make up for the time and energy put into it… we’ll see.

Today’s scorecard:

Word’s today: 1879
Words total: 21950
Current Chapter: ch11 finished
Pages written today: 7
Pages total: 92
Chapters completed: 11


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