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A blah day…

No excuses for not writing on the fiction book today – just didn’t have the creative switch in the ON position.  Got tied up this morning with a bunch of stuff related to my NXT-G update book – a bunch of PDFs to review (only about 3 or 4 left) and a couple phone calls from my editor to discuss current book proposals I’ve submitted as well as a couple new book ideas they are pitching to me… one in particular sounds very interesting, so I’m going to mull it over today.

The iPad book is becoming frustrating – my latest book proposal is of interest but it’s lacking in some details that they need… so I need to take it back and rework it (for version 6.0).  I was asked to write a sample chapter so I’ll also be doing that this week… just not sure which chapter/subject I’ll tackle.

The publisher is also asking about more LEGO book ideas.  I’m happy to hear it, but I am so brain dead tired when it comes to LEGO stuff.  I definitely want to write more LEGO books, but I just finished one (well, actually am finishing one with the PDF reviews) so I’m a bit burned on the subject.  Need some time to recharge the robot design portion of my brain.

Decker had his birthday party this last weekend – 3 years old on Wednesday.  Every day he picks up new words and shows new behaviors… some I like… others not so much.  But as I watch him grow I can almost hear the little gears in his head spinning as he watches and learns new things… I’m constantly coming up with ideas for him and his friends.  Some of them would make interesting books, but I need to think them over a bit more.  One of the upcoming projects I’m working on is a Rocket Party for his friends… I’m working with the dad of one of his schoolmates to hold a party on July 3 to launch rockets with the 3 year olds in his class.  16 kids total, but I’m not expecting all of them to make it… still, it’ll be fun.  I’m building a compressed air device that can launch these cardboard rockets about 200 feet in the air with just a few stomps on a bicycle pump.  I’m hoping to get the rockets built by mid-June so I can figure out how best to let them paint or decorate them before launch.  It’s stuff like this that I enjoy working on, and I’m hoping to flesh out the party with something else… maybe a “hunt” for the rocket components or a game to assemble the air device… not sure.

It’s also stuff like this that allows me to take my brain off of writing for a bit… and lets me recharge.  I’ve got a LOT more activities planned for D as he gets older… so I don’t think I’ll run out of non-writing projects to play around with…

Anyway… back to writing a proposal for my editor… if I can’t get my mind on the fiction book, I’ll point it at the non-fiction stuff.


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