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No… he cannot fly.

So, when last we left our hero, he was falling from the sky from a not-so-safe height.  I can’t give away too many secrets of the story, but let’s just say he survived… I started ch11 today and got about halfway into it.  I don’t know why, but my subconscious must be trying to stick me to 10 page chapters.  Or not… but it does seem to always work out that way.  I like it, though – they’re not too long.

I broke the 20,000 word line today – pretty cool.  For my non-fiction books, it’s always about pages, not word count.  So I’m not used to measuring my work by number of words typed.  That’s what makes it so surprising – I can’t believe I’m cranked out 20,000 words.  I’m about 1/4 done with the novel.  Just having that big 25% done is a huge motivation for getting the rest done… and I’m sure hitting the 50% mark will be even better.  I have no idea if I’ll ever get this book actually published (after revisions and new drafts, of course), but the fact that I’ll have finished a real fiction story for kids will be a nice benchmark and accomplishment.

Speaking of tracking your writing – a new novelist named Cherie Priest is a writer whose blog I follow.  I’ve only read one of her books, Boneshaker, but it was great.  She still has a “real” job and writes in evenings/weekends.  Up to now, she’s been posting her own scorecard for her next book, but her blog recently announced that she’s shelving the book for now to work on other writing projects.  I’m disappointed only because I’ve been able to follow along with her in my own writing… she got up to around 12,000 words and then pulled the plug.  It was motivational each day to see her wordcount go up as mine went up… maybe she’ll start another novel and start a new scorecard.

Not much else going on with other books – next week I need to write a sample chapter for the iPad book, even though there’s no guarantee the book will get contracted.  It’s a gamble, but at least they didn’t ask me to write 3 chapters which is sometimes required of new writers.  I guess they trust me at this point to know what I’m doing… (I hope I know what I’m doing at this point.)

Anyway… my son’s birthday party is tomorrow and in-laws are in town… no work this weekend (which is fine with me).  It’ll give me a few days to develop the conclusion to chapter 11…

Word’s today: 1211
Words total: 20071
Current Chapter: ch11 50%
Pages written today: 6
Pages total: 84
Chapters completed: 10


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