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Escape is never easy…

Woke up a bit anxious to get chapter 10 of the fiction story going… that’s a good sign.  I had all sorts of ideas rolling in my head and had to write them down before I forgot them.  I already knew what kind of predicament the hero would get himself into… and I knew what the plan was to get him out… but escape is never easy for the hero of an action story, is it?

Chapter 10 is setup, and tomorrow it gets blown apart… literally.  The hero has two technologies in his corner in ch10 – the Predator Drone and the Fulton Skyhook – both work great when no one is firing bullets at them.  It’s so fun to see what kind of crazy I can throw at this young hero… and the book’s just getting started!

The iPad book proposal is being discussed today by my editorial team… hoping to hear .some good news this week.  Ideally, I’d love to start writing that book tomorrow, but even if approved, it probably won’t happen until next week or the following.  As anxious as I am to get moving on another tech book, I’m enjoying the time I’m able to spend on my fiction story.

I’m also getting feelers about more NXT robot books.  They are mentally draining, but they do pay the bills.  I’ve got a few ideas that have been floating around… most of them fairly unique.  The bad news is that unique ideas don’t always get approved in the publishing world because they’re so risky.  I’ve got some good will built up with Apress because Mayan Adventure has done VERY well and that was a very risky book for them… then they wanted the sequel, The King’s Treasure, written… and now they’re looking for more… that’s the good news.

And now for today’s scorecard… feeling pretty good about meeting my daily quota today:

Word’s today: 1045
Words total: 16722
Current Chapter: ch10 – 50% done
Pages written today: 5
Pages total: 73
Chapters completed: 9


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