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Non-fiction business today…

Got a handful of PDF reviews emailed to me today… this is for the NXT-G Programming Guide 2nd edition book that’s due out in July… although I’ve finished all the writing, I’ve still got about 8 chapters or so to look over in PDF form before they go to the printer… not  hard work, but a bit time consuming…

I’ve finished a few of them and, unfortunately, found a couple of text errors in one chapter but they’re fixed now… and because my mind is thinking “nxt-g” it’s a bit hard to switch gears to my fiction story.  I think I’m going to go ahead and finish the PDF reviews today and get back to the story tomorrow.  I’m mentally tired anyway, and the next chapter in the fiction story is a fast-paced one with some serious action involved that will require my full attention.

Still no word on my iPad proposal but I did get an email from my editor telling me he’d give it a good read by tomorrow and get me some feedback.  Also, no word on the other book proposal I have floating out there… knowing my luck, I’ll get hit with 2 contracts at the same time again.  Not a bad thing, but definitely stressful… especially when the books are wrapping up at the same time which seems to always happen.

Back to PDF reviews today… fiction story tomorrow.


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