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The bad guys appear…

I finished a short chapter today – ch9.  Up to now, the “bad guys” have been somewhat invisible and unknown.  They will continue to be for a bit longer, but chapter 7 did provide the name and face of a primary bad guy, and ch9 provides a little more detail of the back story via a phone call discussion between two individuals.  The chapter is short for a reason… I need two more bad guys introduced (but identities still hidden) and a phone call seemed to make sense.

One thing I’ve figured out about the story after putting some thought to it this past weekend was that the bad guys need to have a reason for what they do… and I’ll obviously have to explain it in bits and pieces.  So, the phone call idea makes for a nice bit of skulduggery without giving up the mystery of who is who…

In addition to the story, I was also able to put the finishing touches on a new proposal for an iPad book – previous proposals were good, but my publisher keeps pushing back on things – this chapter needs more or cut that chapter… it’s a negotiation, obviously, and I’m hoping I’m close to getting the proposal finalized into a contract.  Once I get the contract, I’ll be able to provide more detail about the subject matter of the book (beyond that it is about the iPad).

Today’s scorecard:

Word’s today: 829
Words total: 15677
Current Chapter: ch9 finished
Pages written today: 4
Pages total: 68
Chapters completed: 9


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