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And now the hero has a destination…

So, chapter 8 was finished today – it was a break in the action to allow the hero to get his bearing, figure out a few things, and get directions on where to go next.  All this to setup ch9 where, no surprise, he’ll find the enemy again and have to try and evade them.

I had really hoped to have the hero to this point in the story by Chapter 6, but no big deal… Draft 1, right?  Plenty of time later to clean the story up and get the hero into the action faster.  And now that the bad guys have been identified, I’m going to need to spend some time brainstorming their structure, weapons, capabilities… my original 15 page synopsis of the entire novel has now increased to 17 pages and likely to break 20.  A lot of it, fortunately, can be included in the book, but only a little at a time… but there’s some stuff that will likely have to be cut… or, hopefully, be left for book #2 if that ever becomes a possibility.  As I’ve developed the main characters, the organizations, and the plot lines, I’ve realized there’s way more here than I could ever put in one book.  Oh well…

I’ll take the weekend, do some pondering on the upcoming scenes, and get started on Chapter 9 on Monday.  It’s Friday and I’m cutting out early…

Today’s scoreboard results:

Word’s today: 920
Words total: 14848
Current Chapter: ch8 finished
Pages written today: 4
Pages total: 64
Chapters completed: 8


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