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A moment to catch his breath…

I got about halfway through Chapter 8 of the fiction story today – exceeded my five page a day quota for a change.  The hero escaped the bad guys… for just a moment, obviously… and he’s got a chance to take a breath, figure a few things out… but as with most action stories, it won’t last, right?

I also broke the 13,000 word mark… I’m not superstitious, but I have heard that the 10,000 mark is sometimes hard for writers… as well as the 13,000 and 50,000.  Is it 13,000 because of unlucky 13?  I don’t know… who cares?  I blew by it.  Of course, 50,000 is still a ways away… but I’m going to finish this book and get Draft 1 done.  I’m going to ask my friends and family to help keep me on track and embarass me if I don’t…

I’m trying to write more per day since I have no other books going on right now, but it’s hard.  I know a few writers who shoot for X pages a day or Z words per day… I don’t know how some of them hit those high volumes like 10 pages per day or 3,000 words per day… that’s a long time to have the creative switch turned to ON.  I have to recharge, and I’ve figured out my creative streak starts burning out around 1500-2000 words per day, so maybe I’ll bump up my 5 pages per day quota to 6 or 7… maybe not.

Very happy with today’s writing work – the dialogue is fast but efficient… will need some rewrites for background descriptions, but I’ll save that for Draft 2. Anyway, here’s today’s scorecard:
Word’s today: 1315
Words total: 13928
Current Chapter: ch8 50% done
Pages written today: 6
Pages total: 60
Chapters completed: 7


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