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… and into the fire

I finished ch7 of the fiction story today – the hero is finally in the heat of it… bullets flying.  This is the part of the story that I’ve done the most plotting.  I pretty much know every scene and what must be accomplished from this point on. But… my wordcount isn’t near what it needs to be for this point in the book… for a 75,000 word book, it’s looking like there’ll be about 40+ chapters instead of 30.

Of course, some chapters now are going to go a bit longer than the average of 7 or 8 pages.  I’m not concerned about number of chapters or wordcount at this point only because I know that Draft 2 will have new material, much longer scene descriptions, and some tightening of the dialogue…

Still no word on my two book proposals out there… I’m a bit torn, though.  I like having the break (especially having just finished a book two weeks ago) but I also don’t want to wait too long before starting another book.  I get antsy and worried.  So, likely today I’ll be emailing my publishers for some more feedback and lightly pushing for a contract.  We’ll see.

Today’s scorecard is as follows:

Word’s today: 826
Words total: 12613
Current Chapter: finished 7
Pages written today: 4
Pages total: 54
Chapters completed: 7


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