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Into the frying pan…

Today, the fiction story got fun.  It’s been fun writing it so far, but now, with chapter 7 halfway done, I’ve finally managed to drop my hero into the middle of some danger.  He’s got guns pointing at him now… literally.  I wish the story could start here, but the first 6 chapters really are needed to setup the main characters and the predicament that’s facing the hero.  Of course, during draft 2 I’ll try and get those first 6 chapters cut down to maybe 2 or 3 or 4… I hate feet dragging, so the rewrite will definitely be to get the hero into the action faster.

On another front, my publisher and I are still working on a couple of book proposals – one for the iPad and another one I can’t talk about right nbw.  Sorry.  It’s very frustrating because I like to always have a book in the works, but since I don’t have a non-fiction technical book to work on now, I’ll focus on the fiction story.

I also managed to contact a few more technical book publishers about either writing books for them or doing technical edits.  I don’t want to do technical edits of other people’s books anymore (did that for almost 10 years) but it’s easy work and I always manage to learn new stuff as I read over these types of books.  One publisher has already responded positively, so we’ll see… it’s always nice to have additional publishers to throw book proposals at – if one declines, you just go on to the next…

The week’s off to a good start… halfway through fiction story chapter 7 and I know where the next few chapters are taking me.

Today’s scorecard:
Word’s today: 879
Words total: 11787
Current Chapter: 7
Pages written today: 4
Pages total: 50
Chapters completed: 6


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