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Just one writing assignment now…

I’ve got some serious downtime right now – my NXT-G book is done and I have no contracts in place for any new books.  I do have an iPad proposal out there, as well as a few other tech book proposals on various subjects, but nothing firm yet.  So, I figure I’ll take advantage of that and try to get this fiction story moving along again.

Today I managed to finish chapter 6.  After writing it, I realized (not for the first time) that this book is really going to require some major rewrites and reworking… that’s okay – I knew it would happen.  But as I write the first draft, I’m just getting down the dialogue and scenes that are required to give the story structure.  When Draft 1 is done, I’ll go back, along with my Fix Sheet, and start cleaning up the dialogue… fill in the missing details… cut out the extraneous stuff… and get Draft 2 finished.  Draft 2?  Not Final?  Not a chance… I’m quickly realizing that Draft 2 will probably be the version where I’m not embarassed to let a few folks take a complete read and give me feedback.  It’s quite possible there could be a draft 3 or even a draft 4… and I’m okay with that.  (One of my writer friends who actually writes fiction tells me that draft 8 or 9 isn’t a surprise to him anymore… I don’t know if I want to go that far, but we’ll see.)

Given that many of the writers who I know publish fiction tell me that it takes a year for a book to go from Draft 1 to published book, I realize that the first 3 months or so are just about finishing Draft 1.   Everything after that will go faster… hopefully.

And, of course, it’s likely that I’ll get a contract here and there for a non-fiction book which will take my time away from the fiction story.  And that’s okay, too.  Right now, non-fiction is my job… so the fiction story is just my test to even see if I’m capable of producing a story in a reasonable time frame that also meets the standards of an agent and/or publisher out there… I may very well find that non-fiction is my strong suit and that I shouldn’t ever stray again into the fiction world.  Hope that’s not the case, but… you never know.

Here’s the fiction story scoreboard:

Word’s today: 1108
Words total: 10908
Current Chapter: finished 6
Pages written today: 5
Pages total: 46
Chapters completed: 6


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