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Back to the novel…

Finally got back to the fiction writing yesterday – started on Chapter 6 and got about halfway through it… maybe not halfway but close.  It’s definitely a habit thing, because missing those 2 weeks of writing made it hard to sit down and get the story back in my head… so I went back, re-read the first 5 chapters, and then got to writing.  I’ve also realized I’m going to have to start taking better notes of the little details (a minor character’s full name or hair color, for example) that are hidden in earlier chapters.

Chapter 6 starts the main plot of the story – the main character is now placed in harms way and the main action of the entire book will start and won’t end until the last chapter… my goal is still to create a book that doesn’t let up – the story and action will keep building.  Not sure if I’ll give the main character a break or not… without giving away details, the action of the story is a chase and there will be very little time for the hero to rest or ponder his situation.

I may have to pack up and head to the coffee shop a bit later to keep writing – my neighbor’s are having a new roof installed (damaged by a storm a month ago) and the noise level is distracting… VERY distracting.

Anyway, here’s the fiction book summary so far:

Word’s today: 708
Words total: 9800
Current Chapter: working on 6
Pages written today: 3
Pages total: 41
Chapters completed: 5


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