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It’s not procrastination! Honest!

Okay, so I basically took another week off from writing on my fiction story, but I have a really really good excuse, okay?

Okay, there’s no real good excuse but I had a deadline hanging over my head all week to finish all the chapters and appendices for my revision of LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT-G Programming Guide – I typically finish books earlier than the actual deadline but this one came down to the line… April 23rd was my line in the sand.  Now, my editors certainly wouldn’t punish me for any delays, but I hate missing deadlines… and I have a good reputation with Apress for turning in my stuff on time or early… and I’d like to keep that reputation intact.

So, I took the time I needed this week to get it all done – I turned in Chapter 26 (last chapter) and Appendix B today… (A and C were already submitted.)  And it’s like a 100lb weight off my shoulders.  I enjoyed this book, but revisions are mind-numbing in the sense that I’d already read this book six or more times for the first edition (you end up reading chapters over and over – after a copyeditor has returned notes, after your project editor returns it with notes… after the PDF review… get the picture?)  So this book was difficult only in the sense that it was sometimes hard to get motivated to revise a chapter.

But it’s done.  Over.  Outta here.  (A few PDF reviews to complete but those are simple and fast.)

Now I have a break – no book contracts right now but I’ve got a few proposals floating out there and I’m hoping to get a response soon.  I don’t want to be down for too long… but it will give me time next week to get back to my fiction story… maybe even get a little ahead.  But I’m going to take this weekend and enjoy it with no writing and no editing work.


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